Early life

Cleopatra IIV was born in 69 BCE. She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her brothers names were Ptolemy. Her sisters names were Berenice, and Arisinoe. Her dynasty was the Ptolmiac dynasty, the last Egyptian dynasty. Cleoparta's sister Berenice took the throne after her dad died. Berenice was beheaded and her husband was killed. After that event, Cleopatra was 18 and she had married her 12 year old brother Ptolemy XII at age 17. Cleopatra's mother was named Cleopatra V Tryphaena.

Cleopatra was the queen and Ptolemy XII was helping her making right choices for her city. Later on, Ptolemy XII overthrew Cleopatra and she fled to Syria. She created an army for fighting the Alexandrians in Alexandria. Ptolemy XII was killed and Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt, again. When the romans came, Julius Caesar fell in love with Cleopatra, Because she was so beautiful. The problem was Julius Caesar is older then Cleopatra and he is already married. Anyway, they got married. The people of Egypt didn't want Julius Caesar to rule Egypt. There was a big war Cleopatra didn't know what to do. Cleopatra's lover, Julius Caesar got assassinated and Cleopatra was so sad.One of the roman generals, Mark Anthony, fell in love with Cleopatra really fast. But someone from Cleopatra's family needed to trick Mark into committing suicide. When Mark Anthony died Cleopatra committed suicide in the year 30 BCE at age 39.

Marriages and Relationships

She married her brother Ptolemy XII and had no children. Cleopatra married roman general Julius Caesar had a son named Caesarian, but she liked to call him Ptolemy XIII. She married one of the roman generals (after Julius Caesar) Mark Anthony and had three children. Twins named, Alexander Helios, and Cleopatra Selene, and Ptolemy Philadelphus.

Behind the Scenes

Cleopatra was testing poisons on prisoners to see if they were painless. Her great great grandfather, Ptolemy I married out of the family and married a Syrian princess. So that's how Cleopatra got her Syrian looks. She was the last pharoah of Ancient Egypt.

The battle of Actium

Mark Anthony didn't want to attack Italy, because that's were he was from. The whole country would have rose up on him. If he abandons Cleopatra he would lose everything belonging to Egypt. His soldiers believed in him, more then Cleopatra. Anthony had a chose to not make his army in the west of Greece. however, Anthony's force had occupied several bases on islands and along the west coast of Greece, near Italy and across the Ionian sea. It was well protected little seaport named Actium. He had a great advantage. Anthony was battling Octavius from Rome. Mark Anthony committed suicide in the war in the winter of 32-31 BCE. As always Octavius won the war.

Death of Cleopatra

After the Battle of Actium, and after Mark Anthony killed himself, Cleopatra sadly killed herself. How? People ask. Well, she let herself be poisoned by a deadly cobra. She hoped to be united with Mark Anthony in the afterlife. Everyone says she got malaria but no. Other people think it was a cobra poisoned her by accident but no. She let herself be poisoned by the snake. The bite of a cobra merely causes drowsiness, then a coma and a painless death. She was just 39 years old, when she died, so young, so sad. Anyway, everyone remembered her in the past and even today.

Her fame

Cleopatra inspired William Shakespeare and Hollywood and the fashion world. She was (and still is) fashionable. Her robes and her gowns were beautifully draped. She inspired greecian draping in the world of fashion.They created a movie about her called Cleopatra, she is played by Elisabeth Taylor. William Shakespeare created a play called Cleopatra and Anthony about her life and her love story. Kim Kardashian is also inspired by her as well.

external image kim-kardashian-harpers-590mc-020911.jpgKim Kadastian photoshot inspired by Cleopatra

external image cleopatra_bust.jpg

statue found in Alexandria harbor

Things that they found related to Cleopatra

In Alexandria, people are curious of what happened to the thing belonging to Cleopatra and her family.Archaeologist didn't find anything important in the dirt. So this man decided to invent Water Archaeologist, so he and his team went to Alexandria harbor and dived for belongings and special items. They found her palace in pieces underwater, isn't that cool. They also found statues of her underwater as well. (there is a picture below of them lifting a statue from the water.)
external image water-lift.jpg

They found most of their artifacts there from that period of ancient Egypt as well.

Around the world people have loved Cleopatra of her fame and beauty. I was Cleopatra for Halloween in 3rd grade. I admire her as well. She was beautiful and very inspiring to a lot of people (as you see on the wiki page). Any Questions!?!?

More pictures

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Cleopatra Statue underwater
external image elizabethtaylor2.jpg
Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the movie called Cleopatra.

external image AC+1.jpg
Cleopatra in the play called Cleopatra and Anthony by William Shakespeare.

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Cleopatra's Family tree
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Cleopatra at madame tussaud.