external image nephthys3.jpgNephthys's name means "lady of the house". Nephthys was the daughter of Nut and Geb. She is the sister of Isis and Osiris. Also, she is the sister and wife of Seth. While not a housewife, Nephthys was the head of the household for the gods. The Egyptian word for house is hwt. Hwt may refer to the sky. A female counter of Seth, Nephthys represented the air while Seth represented the desert. Nephthys was thought to take the form of a bird, often being depicted as a vulture. This is because vultures were not believed to bear children, and neither did Nephthys. Since vultures were associated with feeding on dead and decaying animals, she was goddess of death and mourning. Her symbol is the body of a woman with the head of a vulture or falcon, crowned with a basket.