This is Osiris, ruler of the afterlife
This is Osiris, ruler of the afterlife
Osiris is the father of Horus and husband of Isis. He is god of agriculture and the ruler of the dead. Osiris was pharaoh of Egypt. This is the story of Osiris and Seth.

Osiris, as the pharaoh of Egypt, was a wise and kind ruler. Osiris disliked violence and chose to be gentle with the inhabitants of Egypt. He taught them how to grow crops to feed themselves, taught them the laws to be good and civilized people, and he showed them how to worship the gods so that Egypt thrived.

Seth, Osiris's jealous, evil brother, planned to overthrow Osiris from the Egyptian throne. He slyly built a large wooden and gold chest to fit Osiris's exact measurements. At a banquet, Seth promised the box to whomever fit it the best. One by one the guests tried it on for size but it didn't fit. When Osiris was persuaded to climb into the chest, Seth quickly closed the top and sealed it. The magnificent gold chest was now Osiris's coffin.

Upon hearing this, Isis, Osiris's wife and sister, searched for many months to find her husband. She finally found him in the palace at Byblos. Isis returned home with her husband and carefully hid the coffin in the marshes. Seth discovered the chest and body while Isis was sleeping and shook with rage. He ripped the body into 14 pieces, placing them all around Egypt. Seth believed that he was the true ruler of the Egyptian people. Isis discovered Seth's terrifying behavior and searched for husband all over Egypt. She built a shrine to honor Osiris. Seth believed Isis was burying Osiris. When she found all 14 pieces she used her powers to return Osiris to life for one night. That night, Horus was conceived. Egypt's rightful heir to the throne was Horus.

Horus wanted revenge for his father's death and challenged Seth to a battle. They fought and fought and Horus lost an eye. Finally, Horus defeated Seth. The eye of Horus has become a symbol of protection against evil.

The underworld had a new ruler - Osiris. Osiris taught the Egyptians that, like him, they would have eternal life after death.