Amun-ra, the sun god, was the creater god. He created Shu and Tefnut. His daily form is a scarab beetle and his nightly form is a ram-headed god. In Ra's nightly journey, he battles huge beasts. Here is the story of Ra's nightly journey.

Amun-Ra, the creator and sun god of Egypt, journeyed 12 hours across the sky during the day in his solar boat. At night, transforming into the Ram-headed god, he fought to defeat the forces of chaos that threatened Egypt's stability. As Amum-ra sailed into the 12 different regions, a demon was waiting to challenge him. His light awakened cobras that spat fire and snakes with wings and many heads. It took Amum-Ra 12 hours to travel across this deadly western realm to rise again,once more, in the east. Apophis, the most powerful of all the monsters Amun-Ra faced, was a soulless snake. As the solar boat approached Apophis, Goddesses slashed the snake, leaving him in dreadful pain. The enemies of Amun-Ra were destroyed. No mercy was shown and they were thrown into pits of fire where their souls were burnt. Amun-Ra reached his eastern destination at the twelfth hour. Transforming into Khephri, the scarab beetle, Amun-Ra was reborn as the sun, signaling the safe arrival of a new day. Every night, Amun-ra undertook this perilous journey through the underworld. By completing this journey nightly, he showed that he had triumphed over the dark forces that constantly threatened Egypt's very existence.

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